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JCI Jones Chemicals, Inc. reaches age 85!




Proudly serving customers for 85 years!

old4Today JCI is living proof of John Wiley Jones' vision, measured by its reach not only in America, but throughout the world.  This family owned company, now in it's 4th generation with 11 plants nationwide, continues to to expand, refine it's processes, and adapt to the demands of a planet that realizes the essential need for preserving and promoting the safety and purity of our world’s most valuable natural resource… water!  Jeffrey Jones, President and C.E.O., remains convinced that the vision and teachings his grandfather established will long remain at JCI. Together with his two sons, Ryan Jones and Jeffrey Jones Jr., Jeffrey continues to lead JCI through the 21st century while fully honoring his grandfathers vision and the thousands of valued employees who enabled JCI Jones Chemicals, Inc. to be the company that it is today.


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